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Email Related
Active Tri-State Roll-Over Images on Form Submit and Reset
Dump the ugly 'gray button' Reset and Submit on forms -- this script shows how to use active tri-state roll-over images, instead. A quick-take tutorial is included, along with images and notes on using styles with form elements for a flashier look and feel.
Automatic E-mail This Link Script with Auto-Capture and Validation
This script automatically captures the title of the current page and the url of the current page and sends them via the user's e-mail client to an address entered in a box on the form. The e-mail address field is also checked to see that it is not empty, and that the e-mail address is in valid format.
E-mail Address Checker-Validator
Boilerplate script to check e-mail addresses for all common entry errors.  Uses regular expressions for a short, easy, reliable script to double-validate e-mail addresses.
Floating Email-This-Link Script With URL Auto-Capture
This script creates a floating layer with an email-this-link script in it. The layer can be positioned anywhere on the screen, and it will float to that position whenever the window is scrolled. Enter the recipient address and click the send button, and the visitor's email client is opened, complete with a message in the email body that includes the link for whatever page in which the script is placed.
Including A Body Message In Your E-Mail Links
A very simple code snippet that shows you how to 'force' a message into the text area (called the 'body' ) of an e-mail when a MailTo link is clicked.
Including A Copy-To Address In Your E-Mail Links
This simple code snippet shows you how to send copies of an e-mail off your mailto links to one or more addresses in addition to the main mailto e-mail address. Quite useful when mail from your site needs to go to two or more people... very easy.
Including The Subject Line In E-Mail Text & Image Links
It's really simple to add a subject line to the e-mail when visitors click on your e-mail 'mailto' links - and it does help keep things organized when those e-mails arrive in your box with your own pre-formatted subject line message. Super simple.
Using Both Subject & Copy-To With E-Mail Links
Shows you how to attach multiple parameters to your e-mail mailto links. Quite easy - but also have a look at other scripts above first.
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