JavaScript: Utility Scripts and Tools

Utility Scripts and Tools
Accent JavaScript Web-Based Browser
The Accent JavaScript browser is a complete, basic, fullscreen web-based browser implemented in a JavaScript script set, including the core controls (Location Box with Go button, and Home, Back, Stop, Forward, and Close Buttons). Clean, simple, slick design, this is a solid starting point for building your own site-based browser, and a good demo of basic techniques. Easy to 'rebrand' to your own site. Full code listings are provided, as well as a download 'kit' with all code, ready to run, with no modification needed. Freeware.
Access Control By Screen Size
With an increasing number of standard screen resolutions in use, it's often necessary to do separate designs for each. Use this script to control access and redirect to separate pages based on 640, 800, 1024, or larger screen sizes. The script includes optional alert messages, which can be enabled or disabled via a script variable. Thorough instructions are in the script, and set-up is easy.
Adding An Icon With Your URL - Two Methods
You've probably noticed those cool icons that show up in the URL box and with Favorites (bookmarks) in IE5. Here are two super-easy methods to do it, along with information on icon creation and troubleshooting.
Basic No-Right-Click Script with Alert Box
Causes an alert box to be triggered when the visitor right-clicks on the page with the mouse.  Provides simple, though limited, protection of images, etc.
Blocking JavaScript Errors
Place this simple script in the <head> ... </head> of the page to block JavaScript errors in the page. We've found this useful with page material from sources other than our own that may contain errors (ad banners, automated news feeds, etc.).
Bookmark This Page Script
Automatically opens the Favorites dialog in IE browsers to bookmark your page on the visitor's favorites list.  Degrades gracefully for NS and other browsers.
Capture Mouse X-Y Position [With Mini-Tutorial]
This straightforward, easy script and quick-take mini-tutorial shows how to reliably capture the mouse X and Y positions, dynamically, in NS4-6 and IE 4-6.  Also shows how to display positional values in form fields.
Change Style Sheets On-The-Fly from Page Links
Use this script to allow visitors to change a page style sheet on-the-fly, by clicking on a link in the page. The script works by switching the active style sheets. You can use any number of style sheets, which are automatically detected by the script. Optional alerts are included. Setup is easy and straightforward. Comes as a complete kit, as well as in the usual listings format.
CodeLifter 5.0 [Page Source-Code Viewing Utility]
With CodeLifter, you can view almost any page source code -- the ultimate tool for viewing page code, even on no-right-click protected pages, referrer pages, and more. Free demo download.
Disabling The MyImage Toolbar in IE6+
IE6+ incorporates a new feature called the MyImage Toolbar, which, if enabled on Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Enable Image Toolbar, provides the user with a popup menu over images that allows the user to instantly save, print, or email any image in a page. This technical note shows how to disable or enable this feature.
High-Lighting Form Text On Mouse-Click
This simple script set shows how to highlight (select) the text in a form's textarea by clicking on a link. Useful for code listings, order form information, or other material the visitor may wish to copy to the clipboard with Control+C.
Invoking The SaveAs Dialog From A Web Page
IE4+ browsers provide a document.execCommand() that can call certain system dialogs. This script demonstrates calling the SaveAs dialog to save a web page. The script includes onload interlocking and alternate alert messaging for non-IE browsers.
Make This Page Your Homepage Script
Opens the Set Homepage dialogue in IE 5 and later browsers, allowing your visitors to set your page as their homepage.  Degrades gracefully in browsers that do not support this feature.
PopUp Maker 5.0 [Software Script Generator]
What's that? You say you hate tinkering with popup windows?  A lot of people do... but this tool was built to generate the code for you.  You can download and try the demo here.
Print Out The Current Page
This simple script opens the printer dialogue and prints out the current page.  Very useful for information pages, receipt pages, etc.
ScrollBar Styler 5.5 [Generates Style & JavaScript Code]
Make colored, flat-style, and blinking scrollbars... striking effects that definitely get attention. Free demo download.
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